About MyDentalFiles:

MyDentalFiles by RecordLinc is a secure online patient record keeping, electronic forms, secure patient communication, and patient registration tool that is simple, private, and a safe way for patients to:

Provide necessary pre-appointment information for charts before arriving at the dental office. No longer do patients need to arrive early to fill out paperwork before they are seen. With our service, patients fill out all the necessary forms even weeks in advance of an appointment. When patients arrive at the dental office, they can move straight from reception to the chair.

Securely access patient records so there is no longer the need to take multiple x-rays or pay additional money for duplicate records taken by general dentists and dental specialists.

Stay more informed on treatment planning by improved and secure communication with doctor and patient.

The process is simple, convenient, and completely secure. Client privacy is maintained throughout the entire process.

MyDentalFiles provides electronic forms, patient access to their dental records, and secure communication with doctor and patient that is convenient for the patient and saves the dental office time and money.


  • Detailed registration forms
  • Office/patient communications
  • Full integration with RecordLinc


  • Secure
  • Convenient
  • Saves time and money